Erasmus Strategic partnership project “Development of Mediation Network in Civil and Criminal Cases to foster European Wide Settlements of Disputes”

In September 2014 Turiba University, in cooperation with 3 partner Universities – Vilnius University, Tallinn University of Technology and University of Genoa, started to implement Erasmus Strategic Partnership project.


Mediation is an effective interdisciplinary method of dispute resolution (where legal studies, entrepreneurship, administration and psychology converge), widely known in countries such as Canada, Australia and Great Britain, but not so well established  in continental Europe where the use of mediation is just starting to spread. The EU Directive  2008/52/EC on certain aspects of mediation in civil and commercial cases encouraged all Member States to introduce mediation in the shortest possible term to unify the use of this instrument in dispute resolution and settlement.

The EU Directive 2008/52/EC obliges member countries to introduce normative enactments about mediation, as well as to actively introduce mediation in line with other methods of settlement of disputes – legal procedure and arbitration. Although this is not a burdening task in terms of legislative development, a hard implementation process awaits all Members States. It constitutes a cultural and social challenge to change the general understanding about this alternative dispute resolution method and to build trust on it an efficient dispute settlement tool. Although assited negotiation (or mediation) can find some  historical antecedents many countries, it is still poorly known in the layers of society subjected to litigation. Therefore in times when mediation legislation is still fresh, recently coming into effect,  to raise awareness among practitioners, the general public and more particularly students about its benefits is crucial. The opportunities that result from this legislative initiative should not be missed.

During the previous IP project “Mediation in Civil and Criminal cases to Foster European Wide Settlements of Disputes” that ran between 2013 and 2014, the partner universities came to the conclusion that the students in EU countries and governmental and non-governmental organizations working in the judicial sector lacked the academic and practical resources to support their skills building processes. A comprehensive book on mediation would be specially useful to conduct a training course. Therefore, the project team decided to gather information on the needs of institutions and bodies that are involved in mediation activities to and  address them during the current  project. The  team currently aims at draftingstudy materials and an e-book on mediation that could be widely disseminated and publically available in open source format.

The objective of this project has expanded towards creating a multinational network of academics to continue to build  close cooperation teams, prepare teaching materials for mediation studies and to organize a mediation course geared at cross-cultural groups of students that will contribute to the continuous improvement of its content. In the 2nd part of the project all study materials and articles prepared  by the academic team will be published in its final version. This project can directly address the needs of at least four groups - students studying law and psychology, governmental organizations involved in administration of justice, NGOs interested in the amicable settlement of disputes, and academics teaching conflict management and dispute resolution methods.

The expected outcome is to achieve a solid academic foundation that can help the popularization of mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method, promote the effective resolution of disputes and thus minimizing a workload of courts in each Member State.

 The project is implemented by the support of Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Programmes’ project. Project Number: 2014-1-LV01-KA203-000506. Duration of the project: 2 years.

Turiba University Project Academic Manager:
Lecturer at Turiba University
Dana Rone
E-mail: dana.rone@latnet.lv

Project Administrator:
Kristine Tihanova
Tel: +371 67625371
E-mail: kristine.tihanova@turiba.lv