for University Lecturers Teaching Mediation


This document serves as a practical guideline (methodology) for teachers and trainers in the area of mediation. Apart from general recommendations on mediation curricula (course) content and organization, a special focus is being placed on organizing mock mediation sessions (including the online ones) – as these are very important parts of the overall mediation training process and, according to our experience, various mediation lecturers and trainers often lack relevant support materials and knowledge in organizing those. Therefore, this methodology shall be helpful for any teacher or trainer as a support tool for proper preparation, guiding, evaluating and receiving feedback within their professional mediation workshops and seminars.

Taking into account the fact that different universities provide mediation studies of different length of hours and even semesters, this methodology is prepared for 24 hours long mediation course. If the user of this methodological material works with mediation classes of shorter or longer hours, the advices shall be accordingly adjusted.

This methodology can be used by universities, as well as other educational institutions or NGOs, which present mediation classes for students and other participants of the course in mediation.

Guidelines are available in pdf file.